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    Patent Certificate

    In the transformation, interpretation breakthrough and innovation

    Shengtaijia's advantage

    In the transformation, interpretation breakthrough and innovation


    Personalized customized model industry experience:

    There are extensive experience in design and development, loading and manufacturing production in motorcycle universal machine modified accessories.


    Improve the service system:

    In real time, monitor the quantity of production and ensure that it is shipped on time. Provide technical solutions, delivery time, pre-sales, pay special customer service, timely solve problems, respond quickly.

    Contact number:

    137-5037 3319


    All kinds of metals and plastic materials hardware precision CNC processing:

    It can carry out the drawings provided by our customers, CNC processing (aluminum alloy, copper, stainless steel and other materials).

    Jiangmen Shengtaijia Metal Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

    Jiangmen Shengtaijia Metal Plastic Products Co., Ltd., brand "SGPR", own factory. With years of production experience in foreign companies, product design improvement, product performance improvement, product quality control, product finished product control, and technical personnel experience are superior to the same industry. The company is involved in the development of the same industry for many years. The company is sincere, the spirit of the first step, one step, starting from design and development, processing, and thus exports. At present, there is about 20 million yuan in production today.

    Now Jiangmen Shengtaijia Metal Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is based on the development and design of zero components of a lighter locomotive and scooter. Diversified operation in just a few years. Products are exported to Southeast Asia, South America and other countries, and are deeply favored by customers. Advantages: scooter / light car CNC aluminum parts, carbon fiber, decorative parts, LED system brake light, modified faucet rod and other products. Shengtaijia has its own brand "SGPR", product throughout Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia and other countries. Shengtaijia will continue to adhere to the quality first, customer first concept. Provide customers with better products, more intimate service, serve every customer.

    Corporate environment

    Service every customer


    In the transformation, interpretation breakthrough and innovation